Do you Strange?

Today’s post is just a quickie.

Alongside our rapidly developing next version of Strange, we’ve been working on an updated website. The new site contains two new community-oriented pages:

Strange Projects

This page will feature released projects that have utilized StrangeIoC. We’re encouraging you to submit anything you’ve built…a game or app, on web, mobile, standalone, etc, that shows how you are putting Strange through its paces.

Other resources

This page is part of our ‘Help’ section, and provides, alongside all our other documentation, links to code samples, tutorials, videos, and anything else that can help a developer learn and grow with StrangeIoC. If you’ve written a blog post, created a presentation, or done anything else that could help your fellow coders learn to do Strange things, we’d love to include it in our list.

Thanks friends. Keep it Strange!