Inching towards v1.0

This is just a quick update to let you know we haven’t been entirely idle. Progress on V1 .0 continues on two fronts:

  • Preparing the release candidate
  • Writing sections of the new Big Strange How-To

Will and I have been discussing the fastest route towards getting a release candidate to you so y’all can start playing with it. We apologize that this is taking longer than we anticipated. Some of this boils down to our work for Unity: there’s quite a lot of urgency around the release of 5.1, and even 5.2 behind that.

As to my work on the BSHT, I have partial (almost complete) chapters on injection, mediation, reflection, signals, and commands. I also have a great deal of the walk-through complete (I write a lot via dictation as I walk to and from work, as I’m doing now). In each case, there are some details that require investigation before I’m ready to put these chapters out for review.

Apologies for the delay. Rest assured we are as eager as anyone to get the new version shipped.

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