Status Update

Just a status update, so y’all know I’m alive.

As you may recall, I left ThirdMotion a couple weeks ago. I’m now working on a new startup (my idea, actually). Unfortunately, this work is non-Unity-related, so it’s diverting me from Strange, at least for awhile. I still see the posts and bug reports, but as I mentioned in my prior post, I’m keeping a somewhat lower profile while my team and I try to rush our exciting new project to market.

As ever, thanks for your Strange support!


3 thoughts on “Status Update

  1. Will you be passing ownership of StrangeIoC onto a fellow community Manager or appointing a Lieutenant who can take case of merge requests? I would hate for the project to die due to lack of ownership?

      • Will Corwin tells me he’ll largely be stepping up while I’m “on leave”. I should stress that this isn’t the end of Strange, nor my involvement with it. It’s just that I’ll be throwing down hard as I can on this new venture for a couple of months. What happens next is still anyone’s guess!

        BTW, thanks. I love that our dev community cares about Strange’s future. It matters to me, and I’m really very grateful that it matters to you, too!

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