StrangeIoC v0.7.0 Released

logoWe’ve just released v0.7.0. Available now at GitHub. We’ll release soon to the Unity Asset Store.

From the change log, here’s all the new/improved goodness:

– New feature: Pooling
– New feature: Implicit and Weak Bindings
– Fix: bug on removal of first Context
– Fix: Fix to multiple context removal regarding false circular dependencies
– Fix: Fixed a race condition that allowed some Views to register before the Context was ready
– Fix: Fixed an EventDispatcher bug where a listener removed during Dispatch still receives callback.
– Change: Many methods that previously returned ‘object’ now return T.
– Change: MediationBinder now Mediates Views ‘bottom-up’ so that more deeply nested Views receive injection first.
– Change: Added a new exception to warn if accidentally mapped a View to something not a MonoBehaviour
– [Issue #56] Improved Context startup syntax
– [Issue #53] Exposing a checkbox that allows a View to not register with the Context
– [Issue #45] Fix for issue that could cause double-instantiation of a mapped Singleton
– [Issue #44] Prevent empty Constructors from improperly firing when a longer Constructor has been tagged as default
– [Issue #40] Fixes a null pointer when using CrossContext without MVCSContext
– [Issue #39] Add some porcelain methods to clarify View/Mediation binding behaviour
– [Issue #34] Fixed a bug where constructor injection resulted in NPE when mapped ToSingleton
– [Issue #13] Reflector now throws an Exception when attempting to inject into non-public setter
– [Issue #1] PostConstructs now support priority ordering



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