A Very Strange Xmas…


Note: Ardbeg distillers have never heard of StrangeIoC. Even if they had, it’s doubtful they’d approve this image.

Happy festival of your choice!

This will likely be my last post of 2013, and what a year it’s been! In January I was just beginning to conceive of an IoC framework for Unity3D development. Today we not only have the framework, but a growing community of people interested in what we’re doing. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no better definition of success than that people like the work you do.

This post won’t have any useful technical tips or release information (other than to note that v0.7 won’t be official till early January). I just want to take a moment to thank a few people important people.

First, a huge thank you to my employer, ThirdMotion, Inc., who quite literally footed the bill so you could have cleaner code. They could have insisted I write a simpler IoC framework. It would have been faster. They could have refused to open source it. It’s not easy to build something worthwhile and then give it away for free. It’s also not easy to explain that decision to your investors. And they could also have said “Right. That’s done. Get back to work!” Instead, they’ve generously allowed me some of my working week to keep making the world a Stranger place. You and I owe then a protracted slow clap.

A big shoutout to my lovely wife Orla, who puts up with me working weekends and evenings instead of doing the countless things I should be doing around the house. She’s also probably unwittingly the most knowledgable person on Earth about Strange, given the number of times she’s had to hear me explain it.

Of course many friends and colleagues have had a hand in making Strange what it is. I won’t name you all one by one but y’all know who you are, so know that you have my sincerest gratitude.

One particular colleague does deserves special mention. As much as I appreciate code reviews, consultations, tutorials, blog posts and tweets, one guy has really been out in the trenches with me helping to build a better framework. Will Corwin, author of Signals and the new implicit bindings package, is the best, most enthusiastic coding partner I could ask for. This Ardbeg (which for Will I admit should be a Bowmore) is for him!

Finally, and most importantly, my thanks to you, whoever you are. If you’re reading this it means you’re interested in what we’re doing. You’re interested in writing better code and improving the ecosystem of Unity3D development, hopefully bringing more of your colleagues along for the ride. I evolved as a developer with Actionscript…from spaghetti code to OOP to, ultimately, IoC. It works. It’s better. And Unity will be a better place because of people like yourself.

Have a lovely New Year.


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