MonoDevelop 4.0.1, OS X, and git

Super-quick post. Some of you will recall that Git support in MonoDevelop 2.x chewed up CPU cycles, slowing the editor (and everything else on your computer) way down. The same is true in MonoDevelop 4.0.1, but the location of the fix has changed.

To disable Git and SVN in MD 4.0.1, you now go to MonoDevelop-Unity > Add-in Manager > Installed Tab > Version Control. Then disable all plugins in that directory. Doing so lowered MD’s CPU usage when idle¬†from 120-140% to near 0%.

Not surprisingly, the method is the same in Xamarin…but I don’t see the massive CPU spikes in Xamarin, even with git and SVN support enabled.

Hope that helps someone!


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