The Latest from StrangeHQ

Just so you know we’re not sleeping here at StrangeHQ, I wanted to give you a short update as to what we’re up to.

elise1. Bug fixes – We’ve got a small list of bug fixes we’re looking into (they’re all listed on the GitHub issues list). Hopefully those will hit the dev branch and get rolled into master quite soon.

2. Pools – Yes, we’ve been promising pooling for rather awhile. Sorry for the delay. This, too, should be on dev sometime in early-ish December.

3. Implicit bindings – This is the latest project by StrangeSignals author Will Corwin. Implicit (or perhaps more accurately ‘Default’) bindings will allow you to tag a concrete class as the default implementer of an interface. This will help clean up your Context since you’ll only need to identify the bindings that differ from the defaults.

4. Presentations/tutorials – I gave a talk to the Bay Area Unity Group last week, a basic introduction to Strange with particular emphasis on IoC and Dependency Injection. I’m hoping to make some time to record that presentation and get it online somewhere.

5. Thanksgiving – Er, yeah. I’ll be eating some turkey on Thursday…so thanks!

6. Movember – Oh and while I’m at it, here’s my Movember page if anyone wants to see me in an absolutely ridiculous ‘tache (warning: not for the squeamish).


4 thoughts on “The Latest from StrangeHQ

  1. I’ve just started using Strange and find it totally awesome with the whole flexibility and ease of which one can architect good code. Kudos to you for this. You’ve mentioned that you will be posting the video/presentation of the meetup you did in SFO. Do you think it’ll be possible for you to share that or if you’ve already done it, share a link to it. Many thanks!

    • Sadly, they didn’t record at the time, and (as per some of my more recent posts) I probably don’t have time right now to record it myself. If that changes, I’ll certainly announce it here.

      Thanks for your interest!

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